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The Hiring Process - Step by Step


Interested in the best practices in the hiring process?

We understand that the hiring process can be overwhelming. Follow the steps below to hire your next great team member.


Each phase of the hiring process is critical and this one lays the entire foundation.  You must analyze your true needs and use the results and these resources to begin attracting talent.

  1. Determine which position are you looking to fill  
    Commercial Lines CSR? Personal Lines Producer? Etc.

  2. Understand your needs 
    What skills and traits do you need for this role?  The key qualities may seem obvious at first, but it often requires a deeper look.  Example: some may think the most important quality in a CSR is a friendly personality. But, much of the CSR's day-to-day role involves details and processing.  Those skills are critically important.
  3. Your DIY Tool We removed the guesswork.  Our Ideal Candidate Profile shares the qualities & skills that have proven to make a successful employee in that specific role. Select one of our DIY Hiring Bundles to access this tool.

  4. Turn your needs into a job description & job posting 
    The job description provides clear guidelines for what is expected for the job.  With additional information about your company and benefits, a great job posting will attract candidates that have the right skills to deliver the results you need.
  5. Your DIY Tool  Download our ready-to-customize job description and job posting. Select one of our DIY Hiring Bundles to access this tool.

  6. Post the job online
    Let the world know about your opening by posting it online.
    Your DIY Tool  Big I Hires
  7. Tip  Most popular websites for job seekers

  8. Prepare your employment application
    Resumes and cover letters vary with each applicant. Use an employment application as a follow up to gather consistent information.
  9. Your DIY Tool An employment application you can customize to fit your agency's needs. Select one of our DIY Hiring Bundles to access this tool.


Hooray - you have a stack of applicants. Now comes the hardest part, deciding who to hire. You have entered the screening phase.

  1. Establish your Hiring Team
    Determine the colleague/s you want to help make the decision and at which point they will be involved.

  2. Screen Candidates 
    Review applications and select candidates worthy of a deeper look.

  3. Test Candidates
    Get beyond any smoke and mirrors and peek into a candidate's true strengths and weaknesses with online testing. Assessments can help you predict a candidate’s likelihood for success in your organization. The candidate takes the test and you are provided with a full strengths and weaknesses report, providing guidance on their potential success in that position.
    DIY Tool  Use this Trimetrix test: Commercial Lines CSRPersonal Lines CSRCommercial Lines ProducerPersonal Lines ProducerCommercial / Personal CSRCaliper test (discount available for Big I NY members), or a Big I Hires assessment.

  4. Interview Finalists
    The interview is the most important part of the hiring process. This is your chance to get to know the candidate and gain insight into their skills and priorities.
  5. DIY Tool Use this guide to successfully conduct an interview, from start to finish. It also includes a comprehensive list of position-specific interview questions, sorted by skill-set categories required for a successful hire.  Select one of our DIY Hiring Bundles to access this tool.
    Tip5 Tips for Interviewing

  6. Check References
    References can provide valuable information that cannot be determined from a resume or interview.
  7. DIY Tool Use this detailed compilation of reference check questions to learn more about your candidates. Select one of our DIY Hiring Bundles to access this tool.

You've reached the summit and have a well-checked, excellent candidate you would like to bring onto your team. There are a few last steps to ensure long term success.

  1. Provide an Offer Letter
    Use an offer letter to make a formal, written offer to a new employee. This confirms the position and what they will receive in return. We recommend that you provide a Confidentiality Agreement as well.
    Your DIY Tool Download our customizable offer letter and confidentiality agreement. Select one of our DIY Hiring Bundles to access this tool.
    Tip Article: Confidentiality, Non-Compete & Non-Solicitation - Tread Carefully

  2. Onboard 
    Once you have a new hire, you need to plan their orientation to get them up and running.
    DIY Toolkit Bonus: Included only with the full toolkit purchase, a Four-Week Learning Objectives document (editable) as a guideline to get started. Create a custom training plan with performance feedback each week and a four-week summary of performance, ongoing goals and next steps.
    Your DIY Tool Download the full kit and receive this free bonus. Select one of our DIY Hiring Bundles to access this tool.