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Hard Market Resources

Hard market resources

The market conditions you're facing grow tougher each day. As we look to what's happened in California and Florida, it becomes clear that the road ahead is perilous. We're reaching a critical point. But you don't have to face these challenges alone; we're here to support you every step of the way.

Did you miss our Town Hall webinar? Or maybe you want to share with your team. Watch it here:


 Lisa Lounsbury, Tim Dodge, and Julie Furst will delved into the intricacies of the situation, including:

  • Understanding the Factors Driving the Hard Market Conditions
  • State-Specific Data on Insurer Profitability
  • Actions Taken by Carriers
  • Regulatory Guidelines Governing Carrier Actions
  • An Overview of Our Hard Market Toolkit
  • An Essential Customer Insight to Keep in Mind
  • Important Advocacy We're Doing Behind the Scenes

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Agency FocusAgency Focus provides agency valuation and related consulting services to help agencies make informed decisions. Download the FREE Agency Focus budget template HERE.

Carey Wallace, President

Did you miss our Hard Market Planning Strategies for Agency Principals webinar? Watch it here:


 Lisa Lounsbury, Carey Wallace, and Cindy Scharf chatted about so many resources to help you through this hard market, including:

  • Agency Focus resources, including a FREE budget template
  • Complimentary Operational Agency Evaluations
  • Market Access Options
  • so much more!



WAHVE provides the expertise of professionals with deep inurance industry experience who are eager to offer their skills and knowledge in a work-from-home position. 
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Your access to Catalyit is included in your membership to Big I CT. View other outsource options and learn about considerations to think about in your due diligence HERE.

Templates, tools, sample text, talking points...this fantastic toolkit has it all! Free for members.

Check it out here.


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A market access solution to fit any need for any size agency.

When you need a market for that niche piece of business or simply don't have enough markets to access.

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Cindy Scharf
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Do you have a story or examples on how this market is affecting your agency that could help our advocacy efforts? 
Please email Scott Hobson: