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Jul 30
Big Announcement: Introducing Our New Name...Big I Connecticut


121 years ago this month our great association was born. Initially called the 'Connecticut Association of Insurance Agents,' our group quickly grew to become a major factor in CT and New England insurance circles. In fact, even in 1902 the STANDARD called us "the strongest and most aggressive such group in New England." That strength continues today.

Over these years, who we are has not changed and will not change.
We are a team. A team of individuals, of independent agencies, of people working together with strength and purpose.
Your purpose is to create a sustainable agency that helps Americans protect their families, businesses and dreams. Our purpose is to help you achieve yours.
Who we pretty BIG.
With a big community, and big purpose, comes big responsibility.
One that we have taken seriously for these 121 years.
That's why today, we unite the strength of our past with our spirit for the future.
Introducing our new name...
Big I Connecticut
This isn't simply a new logo and name, this starts the next era of delivering what you need us to be. Channeling the big strength in collective knowledge, resources and connections to raise our independent agent community to the top. Together, we are Big I Connecticut.
Warren Ruppar 
Warren C. Ruppar
President | Big I Connecticut


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