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Oct 24
Attention Progressive Home Agents: New Coverage Restrictions
American Strategic Insurance Corp., a member of The Progressive Corporation, has made numerous changes to their Homeowners policy form that may reduce coverage for some of your clients. The changes went into effect on April 6, 2022 for new business and June 6, 2022 for renewals. 

Working with Progressive’s management, Big I CT has determined the following information:

  1. Progressive delivered copies of the full renewal policies to all renewing homeowners policyholders. 
  2. In addition to the full policy, Progressive gave policyholders a letter titled IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT YOUR INSURANCE POLICY – Changes to Your Insurance Policy. This letter provides an overview of changes included in the new policy form.
  3. One part of the letter states: “SECTION I – EXCLUSIONS: We have added an exclusion for Diminished Value, Existing Damage and Windstorm or Hail damage to listed items.” The letter does not describe the listed items, but the policy includes the following language:

"a. We do not cover any loss due to windstorm or hail to:

1. Outdoor radio equipment, television antennas, satellite dishes, and aerials including their lead wiring, masts and towers;
2. Awnings, aluminum framed screened enclosures, aluminum framed carports, and aluminum sheds; and
3. Solar panels, solar water heating systems including solar panels, pipes supplying and returning water to solar panels, and equipment or devices controlling solar water heating systems.”

If you have clients with any of these types of property and who have purchased the American Strategic renewal policy, they may be uninsured for wind or hail damage to them.

Big I CT wants to remind all producers of the importance of knowing any policy form you are offering to your consumers. We recommend reading any carrier’s policy forms before offering them to a consumer for purchase.


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