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May 02
Call Your State Rep: Don't Rush Through Costly WC Expansion

We just received word that a bill to expand workers' compensation coverage for post-traumatic stress injury (PTSI) to all employees has passed the State Senate and could be voted on by the House in the next few days.

While well-intentioned, this bill could result in significant fraud and abuse. The state's insurers and employers are very concerned about the potential impacts on premiums, and we agree. Only recently, the state expanded coverage to allow PTSI claims for first responders. 

The state legislature should not rush to pass this bill until we have a better understanding of the ramifications of the most recent changes. 

We need you to call your state representative and urge them not to pass the bill this session. Click here to find your representative and their phone number.
Talking Points 
  • Provide your name and hometown 
  • Say you are an independent agent  
  • You are concerned about SB 321, which would expand WC coverage for PTSI to all employees. 
  • This bill could result in fraud and abuse, significantly raising premiums for all CT employers. 
  • The House should not rush to pass this until we have more data on how this has increased costs for WC for first responders under the laws recently passed.

Thanks for making the call.


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