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Nov 03
Improving the policyholder experience with the convenience of text

​A guest post by Plymouth Rock

Whether your customer is a Gen Z digital native or a smartphone-savvy Baby Boomer, today’s insurance consumer expects a fast and simple experience when managing their policy. That ease of use includes the ability for an insured to choose how they want to communicate with an agent or carrier. In many cases, the customer’s shifting preference is to manage their policy – or claim – via text.  

Communicating via text allows for added transparency for both the insured and the service or claims representative on the other end. It adds speed, convenience and a clear digital record of the communication that transpires between both parties. It also engages the customer in the process of asking a question or filing a claim, empowering them to become an active participant in the resolution. 

In addition, the speed of text messaging adds operational efficiency and often can reduce or eliminate missed phone calls and unnecessary “phone tag.” Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation Vice President of Claims Aaron Wheaton noted that his group was able to cut upwards of 35% of inbound and outbound calls and voicemails by implementing intelligent SMS functionality powered by Hi Marley, the developer of a communication platform for the insurance industry.

Intelligent texting solutions like Hi Marley make it seamless for service representatives to text back and forth with insureds. They provide an improved experience for both parties, making it easy for the customer to ask a question, and allowing for a fast response from the service team. These tools provide the modern communication that insurance customers demand, helping agencies and carriers meet the needs of their customers and stand out among the competition. 

Plymouth Rock’s implementation of texting began in its claims group and is expanding to customer service, where it will give customers the ability to text policy-related questions instead of calling into service teams. The goal of the program is to reduce call volume and wait time, while delivering exceptional service and offering customers the flexibility to connect using the channel they prefer. Early data from Plymouth Rock’s service pilot reflects customer satisfaction scores of ~4.75 out of 5.0, indicating customers are pleased with the way their service-related questions are being answered.

Initiatives like implementing intelligent text messaging are an important component to competing in today’s insurance landscape, and helping to set agencies and carriers apart from the competition. 


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